Our Process

stopsignFast-track your home sale and go from consultation to close sooner and more conveniently than you could with a typical real estate transaction. Stop foreclosure processes in their tracks, paying no out-of-pocket expenses, no closing costs, no commissions, and no fees.

Here’s how it works!

  1. Fill-out our online form or call 214-227-7669 to request a free, no-obligation property assessment.
  2. We’ll contact you within 48 hours to schedule a convenient time to qualify your property.
  3. We’ll crunch the numbers and present a fast and fair offer to buy your home.
  4. If you accept our offer, we’ll take care of all documentation, court filings, and paperwork. (If you don’t accept our offer, you still keep your free home assessment as our gift to you.)
  5. We’ll schedule the close, transfer the deed, and hand you a check for the proceeds.

It’s that easy! Find out why so many homeowners have turned to us to simplify and expedite the sale of their home. Give us a call, today! There’s no obligation.

See what our clients are saying:

Exceeded our Expectations

We Buy North Texas Homes exceeded our expectations from day one and ultimately saved our home from going into foreclosure. Cannot thank them enough!

Gerald & Lisa L. Keller, TX