Cash Is King, It Is Said, and That Is So True When Selling Your Home in Plano

Selling your home here in Plano Texas – particularly after Covid-19 – is something that is going to take forever. Well, OK, perhaps that is an exaggeration, but it is certainly going to take a long time. Apart from anything else, nobody is actually looking to move home at present. Cash is king at We Buy North Texas Homes in Plano TexasJust ask any realtor – assuming they are still open. They are hardly doing anything at all. The bottom has dropped out of the market.

Selling your home under normal circumstances is difficult enough. You find the property you want to buy, make an offer, and it is accepted. You put your home on the market, if you haven’t already, and then wait. And wait. And wait.

Or maybe you get an offer very quickly. That’s great. Now you can get on with your move. However, what often happens is that the buyer can’t get the mortgage that he needs. Or perhaps he can get the mortgage that he needs but HIS buyer can’t sell his home fast. So you get into the inevitable chain.

Meanwhile, the seller of the Plano Texas home who accepted your offer has had a better one from another buyer, or perhaps even the same offer but from someone who has funds available to buy straight away, so decides to sell to that buyer rather than you. So now, your perfect home has gone, and you have to start all over again.

And all of this is because many people can’t get the funds that they need at the moment that they need them.

You Need Cash Buyers Right Here in Plano Texas

What you need is cash buyers to sell your home to, and that would be us at We Buy North Texas Homes. Yes, we have cash on tap, and plenty of it, so we can – and WILL – make you an offer, and if you accept it we will pay you in cold hard Texas CASH. None of this “faffing around” with mortgages and banks – just plain old cash.

Not only that, we will deal with all of the paperwork and the rest of it because we know how to handle it so that everything goes through quickly. So if you are looking for cash buyers to sell your home to – even in these appalling times – then you need to talk to us.

Of course, there is absolutely no obligation, so if you are not happy with the offer that we make you, then there is nothing lost. Except perhaps the time it will take you to sell your home.

In short, if you don’t accept you lose nothing, and if you do accept us as cash buyers to sell your home to, then we can shake hands and do the deal fast.

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