We Have Plenty of Cash in Hand to Buy Homes in Plano

Many people in North Texas, and Plano in particular, have their homes on the market but are stuck. People who were going to buy a home may have suddenly found themselves with no job as a result of the Pandemic, and this has led to chains being broken. Cash paid for Plano homesYou may have had an offer from a buyer who pulled out because his or her job was gone. The market doesn’t look all that bright for a lot of people going forward.

However, at We Buy North Texas Homes we are still in the market to buy homes in Plano and the rest of North Texas because it is what we do for a living: we buy and sell homes. And we have cash – and plenty of it. Yes, we are cash home buyers. Cash is king! That means no banks. No mortgages. No queues.

We Guarantee To Make You An Offer

Furthermore, we guarantee to make you an offer. No matter what your reason for selling and no matter what the condition of your property is, we will make you a fair offer. Obviously, you don’t have to accept it, but we think that you will be pleasantly surprised at the sort of offer we can make. We do this because, as we said, it is how we earn our living – we are cash home buyers and we need to buy homes because otherwise our business would come to a grinding halt.

This means that we are the ideal buyers if you need to sell your home in Plano fast. There is no “umming and aahing” and “hmm, well the yard is a bit small”, or “but it’s only got one bathroom”, or “but there’s no garage”. We will come over, take a look, and make you an offer.

If you are happy with our offer, we will then deal with all the paperwork and pay you in cash. Literally in cash, if that’s what you want. We normally pay by bank transfer, but if you want it in real dollars – 100-dollar bills – we can do that too. Either way, once we have agreed the deal, the money will be in your hands in a couple of weeks. Then you can move on to wherever it is you planned to go.

So if you want or need to sell your home fast in Plano, or anywhere else in North Texas, and sell it for cash with no waiting for months for a buyer to get a mortgage, then you need to talk to us at We Buy North Texas Homes.

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