When Selling a Plano Home, You Want to Sell That Home Fast to a Professional Home Buyer

Speed is of the essence when selling a home in Plano. As they say, time is money. However, the big problem at the moment is that the housing market is in the doldrums. House sales in North Texas and Collin County have really slowed down as a result of Covid-19 and it doesn’t look as though they are going to pick up again any time soon.Sell your home in Plano for cash.

It is bad enough selling a home under normal circumstances. It can take months and months, and then just when you think everything is going to go through, somebody in the chain drops out and you have to start all over again. It can be a nightmare.

This is even more the case if your company is transferring you away from Plano to another location far away. You need to sell your home fast in Plano, yet nobody is buying.

Well, that’s not quite true because here at We Buy North Texas Homes we have not stopped buying. That is because buying and selling homes is what we do for a living – and what’s more, we pay cash!

No Waiting For Somebody To Get A Mortgage

Yes, no hanging about waiting for somebody who is trying to get a mortgage and having problems with it. We have got the cash in the bank – and quite a lot of it – so if you want to sell your home fast in Plano, we’ll buy it. It really is as simple as that. We are affiliated with a best-in-class property management company in Plano Texas and that’s how we can do the magic of a fast sale, fast purchase and revamp to get it on the market.

What’s more, our professional home buyers buy homes regardless of condition. Whether it needs painting, new windows, or even a new roof, we will still make you an offer and buy it for cash on the spot. If you are a landlord and having trouble with tenants who are not paying the rent or are causing damage, we will still make you an offer. It’s an unfortunate side effect of Covid-19 that millions of people have been put out of a job, and as a result, even tenants who were good and regular payers may suddenly have no income and cannot keep up the payments. If that is the case with your property, we will still buy it.

Of course, one thing that is important to know is that when we make you an offer, which we will, you are under no obligation to accept it. This means that if you want to sell your home fast in Plano you cannot lose by calling us. If you are not happy with our offer, that’s it. We won’t get all grumpy about it! If you are happy with our offer and want to accept it, then we will deal with all of the paperwork, and you can be on your way fast with the cash in the bank!

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