Cash is king. Or as they say, cash is king, queen, jack, and the ace of spades. Who wants to haggle with a mortgage, or a bank, or with escrow?Sell your home for cash: cash is king! Plano Texas

But if you are thinking “I want to sell my Plano home for cash” what chance have you got? Sure, everyone who is thinking of selling their home would love to get a cash offer, but – hey – this is 2020. We are in the post-COVID-19 world. Or at least we hope we are. Who knows what is going to happen next? Will there be a second spike? Will my company go bust? Can I work from home or have I got to get on the bus? What happens to my pension if my company goes bust?

Sell my home for cash? You have to be joking. You will be lucky to sell it at all as things stand at present. Not only that, any minute now, the stock market is going to fall off the edge of the cliff, according to many inside experts. That may not hurt you directly if you don’t have shares, but the knock-on effects can be considerable.

All of this means that the property market is in the doldrums – if indeed you can even call it a market. A market, by definition, is where people buy and sell things, but if nobody is buying, then you can’t sell, can you?

It’s Not All Bad News

But, hey, it is not all bad news. There is always a glimmer of hope around the corner. And in this case, if you are thinking “sell my home for cash”, at We Buy North Texas Homes, we are that glimmer. In fact, we are more than a glimmer – we are a big bright shining light.

That is because – believe it or not – we are still buying North Texas homes, even in these crazy times. And we are buying for cash. None of this fiddling about with mortgages, bank loans, and so on. We don’t need them, because we have cash in the bank. Lots of it. It has been built up over the years, so it means that we can continue to do what we always do, and that buys homes for cash.

We will buy yours too. OK, we have to agree a price, and whether you accept our offer or not is down to you. However, we WILL make you an offer. Don’t worry about the condition, outstanding mortgage repayments, or anything like that: we will make you an offer and if you accept it you will have the cash in the bank. In a couple of weeks or so.

And don’t worry. We take care of all the paperwork and the rest of it as well.

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